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    "My love is like a red, red rose that's newly sprung in June."

    - Robert Burns

    Please visit our flowershop in Abrud, Romania!

    Abrud is located in Alba County in Romania.
    Abrud is situated in the central part of Romania.
    Abrud is part of Transylvania in Romania.
    The main city in Alba County, where Abrud is situated is the city of Alba in Romania.
    Abrud is one of the main towns in Alba County in Romania.
    Send Christmas flowers and gifts for your friends and family in Abrud, Romania.
    Our florists in Abrud, Romania will custom make the greatest flowers arrangements for the ones you love in Romania.
    Abrud is situated in the North-Western part of Alba County, Romania.
    Abrud is situated on the river called Abrud in Romania.
    The population in Abrud, Romania is over 6,000 people.
    The town of Abrud, Romania was founded by the Romans.
    You can send flowers and gifts of any kind to Abrud, Romania.
    Our flower shop is always ready to assist your flowers and gifts deliveries in Abrud, Romania.
    Choose the most beautiful carnation flowers arrangements and we will get them in your loved ones homes in Abrud and anywhere in Romania!
    Fresh flowers and original presents from our local shop in Abrud, Romania.