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    Romanian Roses is specialized in roses arrangements. The most important meaning of giving a rose is expressing your LOVE. But each color carries a certain meaning, it expresses without words very important messages:

    Red - Passionate Love, White - Purity, Friendship, True Intentions, Light Pink - Admiration, Appreciation, Dark Pink - Appreciation, Gratitude, Yellow - I am sorry, I care, Champagne - You are tender and loving, Purple - I will always love you, Orange - Friendship, Intense Love, Blue - True Heart, You are special.

    The number of roses that you give has an important meaning as well:

    Single Rose - Simplicity, Uniqueness, 3 Roses - I love you, 11 Roses - Enjoy your day, my Love!, 12 Roses - Especially for you, with all my heart, 13 Roses - You are my secret love, 22 Roses - Togetherness, Unity, 36 Roses - I am yours, forever!, 99 Roses - Greatest love you will ever know, 101 Roses - Speechless love, 111 Roses - Please marry me, 999 Roses - Endless love.

    Magical Love

    Starting at: $49.77

    Fragrance explosion

    Starting at: $48.77

    Velvet touch

    Starting at: $53.77

    Be my Sweetheart

    Starting at: $55.77

    True Intentions

    Starting at: $49.77

    Irresistible Temptation

    Starting at: $107.77

    Chromatic Celebration

    Starting at: $58.77

    Classical Attraction

    Starting at: $49.77

    Roses Seduction

    Starting at: $55.77

    For the Delicate

    Starting at: $39.77

    Sweet Pink

    Starting at: $107.77

    Yellow Burst

    Starting at: $59.77

    Roses Splendor

    Starting at: $57.77

    Vision of Romance

    Starting at: $68.77