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Romanian Holidays

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    "The rose has thorns only for those who would gather it."

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    Romanian Holidays

    Get informed about the Romanian Holidays to find out which are the best moments to send flowers to your loved ones in Romania!

    1st of January
    New Year

    1st of January
    Saint Vasile (Vasilica)

    7th of January
    Saint John, a very important Romanian holiday that celebrates people who are named Ion, Ioana, Ionel, Nicu, Niculina, Iohana, and Iohan

    30th of January
    Vasile, Grigore and Ioan, Vasilica, Lica

    14th of February
    Valentine's Day

    17th of February
    Saint Teodor, and derived names such as Teodor, Tudor, Teodora, Teo, Tea, Dora

    24th of February
    Dragobete. This day name derives from the noun "dragoste" (love): it is the Romanian equivalent of Valenine's Day!

    1st of March
    On this day, it is a genuine Romanian tradition to offer women flowers, presents and small amulets - called Martisor - consisting of a jewel (or symbolizing a flower, an animal, etc.) tied to a red and white string.

    8th of March is the official Women's Day in Romania! Mother's Day is also celebrated on this date.

    10th of March
    St. Ciprian, and all derived names: Ciprian, Cipriana

    Palm Sunday
    Is week before Easter Day, on this day people who are named after various flower names: Florina, Lili, Camelia, Lacrimioara, Crina and Florin etc are celebrated.

    Easter Day
    The Easter bunny brings gifts to children and adults as well!

    23rd of April
    St. Gheorghe, and all derived names including, Gheorghe, George, Gherghina, Georgeta, Gina, Gigi, Gigel.

    1st of May
    Labour Day

    5th of May - Saint Irina, and all derived names, Irina, Irinel, Irinuca

    18th of May
    Saint Petru (Peter), Dionisie, Andrei, Paul, & Saint Cristina, and all derived names including Denis, Denisa, Andrea, Cristina

    19th of May - Saint Patriciu and Patricia

    21st of May
    Saint Constantine and Saint Elena, Costel, Costica, Ticu, Lenuta.

    22nd of May
    Saint Marcel, and all derived names such as Marcel and Marcela

    1st of June
    Children's Day!

    3rd of June
    Saint Paula

    10th of June
    Saint Alexandru, and all derived names Sandu, Sandica, Sandra, Ducu

    24th of June
    Sanzienele, Romanian traditional holiday celebrating prosperity and success.

    29th of June
    Saint Petru (Peter) and Saint Pavel (Paul) and other derived names such as Petrica, Petrisor

    1st of July
    Saint Cosma and Damian, and all its derivative names

    20th of July
    Saint Ilie, and all derived names such as Ilie, Ilinca, Lia

    15th of August
    Saint Mary. People named Maria, Marioara, Mariana, Mariuca, Mirela, Mirel, Maricica are honoured on this day

    17th of August
    Saint Miron, and all derived names, Miron, Miruna

    18th of August
    Saint Florin and Laur, and all derived names, Florin, Florina, Florica, Laura

    26th of August
    Saint Adrian and Natalia, and all derived names, Adrian, Adriana, Adi, Nati, and Ada

    27th of August
    Saint Monica, and all derived names, Monica, Mona, Moni, and Ica

    30th of August
    Saint Alexandru, and all derived names, Sandu, Sandica, Sandra, and Ducu

    8th of September
    Saint Mary

    10th of September
    Saint Minodora, and all derived names, Dorina, Dora, Dorela

    1st of October
    Saint Tereza, and all derived names, Tereza, Teri, Rezi

    4th of October
    Saint Francisc, and all derived names, Francisc, Feri, Francisca

    6th of October
    Saint Toma, and all derived names, Toma, Tomi, Tomas

    18th of October
    Saint Luca, and all derived names

    23rd of Ocotober
    Saint Iacob, and all derived names

    26th of Ocotober
    Saint Dumitru, and all derived names including Dumitra, Dumitriu, Dumitrica, Mitru, Miti, Mitica.

    30th of October
    Saint Zenovie, and all derived names, Zenovia, Zenovie, Zina

    6th of November
    Saint Pavel, and all derived names, Pavel, Pavelina

    8th of November
    Saint Mihail (Mihai, Mihaela) and Saint Gavril (Gabriel, Gabriela, Gabi) are celebrated on this day

    11th of November
    Saint Mina and Victor, and all derived names, Minuca, Viki, Victoria, Victor

    1st of December
    Romanian National Day

    6th of December
    Saint Nicholas Day, friends and family exchange small gifts, especially chocolate and sweets. On this day, people named Nicoleta, Nicolae, Nicu, Niculina are celebrated.

    13th of December
    Saint Lucia and Saint Eugen, and all derived names, Lucia, Lucian, Luciana, Eugenia, and Jeni

    18th of December
    Saint Sebastian, and all derived names, Sebastiana, Sebastian

    21th of December
    Saint Iuliana, and all derived names, Iuliana, Liana, Iulian, Iulica

    24th of December
    Christmas Eve

    25th, 26th of December
    Christmas Days

    27th of December
    Saint Stefan, and all derived names, Stefan, Stefana, Fana, Fanica, and Fanel.